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Eagle Valley Air will be closing operations!
Operations will move to WWW.VIRTUALPILOT.ORG as soon as possible.  Please check our forum (above) for the latest news.

EVA is a virtual flight simulation service (VA).  It is owned and operated by two retired USA military veterans.  Our staffing consist of pilots and virtual pilots with over 20 years of experience each. 

EVA has grown out of five virtual airlines (VA) with twenty years of flightsimming behind us. 

EVA began operations in 2006 out of Eagle County, Colorado doing virtual flying as a Charter Company.

  Visit our current operations on Facebook. 

are from 20 to 75 years of age.  We are not about number of pilots, but a few who really appreciate quality virtual flight with NO restrictions or gizmos to our pilots to fly.

OUR PILOTS fly according to their own schedule, anywhere in the world, with any AC,

APPLICANTS need to be mature adults with a desire to be a part of a virtual flight simulation service, participate in our forum, have fun and fly!  (See Application for more details)

  Worldwide flying! 
  *  Fly any aircraft in your inventory! 
  *  Record your flights with VAFS Client (required)! 
  *  Current routing includes over 3,500 flights! 
  *  Helo, float, ski operations available! 
  *  No jump seating required! 
  *  FS9, FSX, Xplane, BP3d supported! 
  *  Multiplayer supported! 
  *  Teamspeak supported! 
  *  No mandatory flying! 
  *  No ranks, no badges, no medals, & no awards!
  *  Just the best locations in the world to fly to!  
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